Baboosic Lake Association

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The Baboosic Lake Association

Baboosic Lake

It's time to  join or renew your 2016 BLA membership. You can join or renew online here.

This website is designed to acquaint you with our Association and its purpose and to provide timely information on BLA events.   Baboosic Lake is 222 acres and located primarily in the town of Amherst, although many homes along the east side are in Merrimack.

The purpose of this association is to:

a) To educate the public on the care, quality and preservation of Baboosic Lake and the surrounding watershed.
b) To educate the public on invasive species prevention.
c) To educate the public on boater safety and monitor safety on the lake.
d) To educate responsible individuals on proper water quality testing techniques.
e) To assist and protect the citizens using the lake by funding and performing water testing and publishing alerts if any unsafe conditions are found.
f) To protect, preserve and improve the quality of Baboosic Lake and the surrounding watershed.
g) To nominate a minimum of one charitable organization annually to make a donation in the name of the Baboosic Lake Association.

(see bylaws)

New members to our Association are welcome!! Dues are $15.00 a year for a family.

The Baboosic Lake Asssociation is a 501 C 3 organization which means donations above the $15 membership fee are tax deductible.

You can join online in minutes. Included in the fee is our informative Newsletter and the opportunity to attend our annual meeting and social events. But most importantly, your contribution helps us keep your lake healthy.