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Lake Life

This 5 pound, 21 inch, large mouth bass was caught and released  on
June 7, 201by Jebb Curelop.

Healthy pickerel caught of 4 Seasons Beach by Vincent Robidoux in June, 2010.

This was Vincent's first cast ever! Caught this monster off Four Seasons Beach with a Scooby Doo fishing rod. Imagine his disappointment when his second cast didn't yield the same result.

Here's a "team effort" monster caught on the 4 Seasons dock in August, 2010.
Note the sophisticated fishing gear used.


Did you know there are fresh water jellyfish in Baboosic Lake? Read this article in the Nashua Telegraph for more info and a nice photo. (Editor's note: I have personally seen these in our lake.)

If you've got great lake life photos, email them to webmaster @ BaboosicLake.com