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2017 Membership and Donations

Thank you for joining the Baboosic Lake Association and doing your part to keep the lake clean and healthy. It's time to join or renew for the 2017 season.

Membership to the BLA is $15/year, and any amount you give in excess of that is a tax-deductible donation because we are an IRS registered 501C3 organization.

If you wish to donate by check,
you can download and print the application.
BLA Application

To make things easier, we have implemented the ability to donate and join online. Payment is handled through PayPal's secure servers for complete safety, and you can use any credit card. Just follow the instructions on their site.

Simply click the "Make a Donation" button, and follow the online directions. Upon successful completion of the order process, you will be taken to the online membership form. Simply fill that out and it will be sent to us automatically.

It is important to note that nobody in the BLA ever sees nor has possession of your credit card information. That is solely between you and PayPal.

Family $15
Bronze $25-$49
Silver $50-$99
Gold $100+

Supporting members and above are recognized below.

Click the "Donate" button above to begin secure donation payment processing. You do not need to join PayPal to donate, and your financial information is fully secure and never seen by BLA. If you don't have a PayPal account, look for the proper link on the screen.

When you hit the "PayPal Donate" button above, you will see the screen below. You will enter the amount you wish to donate in the "Price" box as highlighted by the arrow.

Important: As you complete the payment process, you will be automatically taken to the membership application form which you should fill out online.


2017 Members Honor Roll

Gold Donors

  • Camp Young Judaea
  • Michell Cahill
  • Jeff & Judy Mulligan
  • Lenny & Jo Newell
  • Deb & Bill Sandall
  • Bob DeSimone
  • Jeff & Patty Affeldt
  • George & Blanche Milligan
  • Mark & Tara Johnson
  • Bill & Jane Wenzel
  • Jebb Curelop
  • Kelly Hutzell
  • Ken & Gretchen Gray
  • Denis & Sandra Vaillancourt
  • Steve Szymanski
  • Alan Wetmore & Lynn Langer
  • Kevin Bevis & Sue Lebel
  • Wally Kido & Terry Glazier
  • Jan Langer
  • Ken Mackie
  • Debbie & Bill Sandall
  • Tom & Polly Culver
  • Everett Wilson
  • Paul Caetano
  • Travis Stewart
  • The Raiser Family
  • Charles Morrissey
  • Kelly Mooney
  • Rick and Kathy Boyd
  • Lou and Patricia Imbriano
  • The Galipeault Family
  • Brian Allard

Silver Donors

  • John & Debbie Denoncourt
  • Gene Ordway
  • Donald & Celina Dutremble
  • Ron & Elaine Engelhardt
  • Karen Felch
  • Laurie Crow & Matt Chisholm
  • Carey & Sheila Demers
  • Brian Fessenden
  • Bill & Dotty Larson
  • Tom Mahon
  • Bo & Betty Reidel
  • Bob & Joanie Severance
  • Joe & Marge Schleifer
  • Mike & Patty Herbert
  • Barbara Allen
  • Marianne Bashista and Shari Pouliot

Bronze Donors

  • Curtis Wheeler
  • Laurie & Rick Reidel
  • Jeannie Hayes
  • Bernie & Fay Shedd
  • William Blocher
  • David & Tina Ohlemacher
  • Stephen & Diane Bazzocchi
  • Neal Benson
  • Tom Morgan
  • Joyce Soucy
  • George & Blanche Milligan
  • Jeannie Malouin
  • Baboosic Beach Club
  • Mike & Nary Robicheau
  • Jane LaPerle

Again, thank you for your support as we all work to keep our lake clean, healthy and enjoyable.