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See photos of runoff remediation project work done in June 2016.

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2006-October  This one has a fun word search puzzle.


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Annual meetings are held in the spring. A notice of the annual meeting is mailed to all members.

In 2006, the BLA was awarded a $50,000 grant by the state to study and implement ways in which water quality can be improved through better runoff management. This grant paid for engineering studies to identify sources of excessive runoff and some initial runoff mediation.

In 2008, a follow-on grant was awarded to the BLA to pay for work on the mediation sites identified in the first grant. This work will server to reduce runoff and the pollutants it contains fro entering the lake.

In 2009, the BLA was awarded a $78,000 grant to continue work on runoff issues in a continuing effort to improve lake health. Several runoff projects have been completed and more are being planned.

In 2010 and 2011 volunteers completed 16 projects identified by these grants to reduce lake runoff and improve lake health.  These projects involved civil engineering firms and were approved by the state.

In 2016 the BLA was awarded a $75,000 grant for advanced runoff remediation projects based on the success and implementation of previous projects.

Some members of our Association serve as lake monitors and faithfully take samples of our lake water. The samples are sent to the University of New Hampshire for evaluation. Reports of the samples are published in our Newsletter.

We publish a Newsletter which is sent to the entire watershed area once a year. Members also receive a newsletter through the Summer Season of May through September. Our newsletter usually includes a message from our president, legislation on new boating laws and other related matters, helpful hints for keeping our lake clean, history of the lake, pictures and calendar of social events, etc.