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Q: Where can I go swimming at the lake?

A: The town of Amherst has a beach. Details & schedule here.


Q: Where can I launch my boat?

A: Canoes and Kayaks can be launched over the Amherst town beach and there is some parking there. There are no public launches for larger boats/power boats on the lake. The BLA owns no property on the lake.


Q: Is the lake healthy?

A: In general, yes. Significant steps have been taken over the last several years which have improved overall water quality. The closing of the Merrimack town dump resulted in hundreds of seagulls permanently vacating the lake. The community Septic Project in Amherst hooked up over a dozen homes to a community septic system. The BLA has completed several projects aimed at mitigating water runoff. 

Combined, these steps are showing a gradual improvement.  The BLA tests water quality for ecoli in 11 different locations once per month, and tests water clarity weekly.

At this time, there is no known milfoil weed in the lake. This is due to the care taken by residents and visitors who examine their boats whenever they have been in another body of water.

There is still much room for improvement.  A major source of pollutants in the lake is due to lawn fertilizer, most of which contains phosphorus. Phosphorus promotes algae growth.

Current state info on any beach advisories for ecoli or algae are at:



Q: There are sometimes geese around my property. What can I do about it?

A: Read this report from the State Department of Environmental Services (DES) on Geese Facts and Management.


The DES has many fact sheets about lake biology here.

If you have concerns or questions please send your question and you'll receive a response via email.

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